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Brno and Trutnov To Unite In Their Dragon Heritage This Weekend

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Brno and Trutnov are linked by a legend that goes back to Trutnov’s gift to Brno in 1024 – a stuffed dragon. The two cities have decided to commemorate this legend on its 1,000 year anniversary, with joint celebrations on Saturday, 22 June, on Brno’s Moravské and Dominikánské náměstí.

According to a legend recorded by the chronicler Simon Hüttel at the end of the 16th century, the dragon was killed in Trutnov, and in 1024 it was stuffed and given to Prince Oldřich in Brno by Albrecht of Trautenberg as a gift.

Brno’s dragon has become an iconic symbol of the city. Credit: Simona Modrá

This year, history is repeating itself. The ‘Trutnov – City of the Dragon’ association, which regularly organises Dragon Festivals in its home town, decided to celebrate this 1,000-year anniversary by a two-week pilgrimage to Brno with a dragon, ending on Saturday with the event “Už ho nesou: 1,000 Years of the Brno Dragon”.

“The program will take place from 10 am at the same time on Moravské and Dominikánské náměstí, and will copy the Dragon Festival in Trutnov,” said Otto Štemberk, chairman of the ‘Trutnov – City of the Dragon’ association. “You will therefore have the opportunity to meet artists from Trutnov and the surrounding area, including musicians, theatre artists, and magicians. Throughout the day, you will also be able to participate in an accompanying program, including an all-day game for children, a wooden carousel, or a pedal machine. Seniors may be interested in the program of the weaving museum or demonstrations of period crafts, and you can also taste specialities from Krkonoše.” 

The highlight of the event will be the procession of the Trutnov guests from Moravské to Dominikánské náměstí with a giant metal dragon, which they will then symbolically hand over to the City of Brno.

The highlight of the event will be the procession of the Trutnov guests from Moravské to Dominikánské náměstí with a giant metal dragon. Credit: Trutnov – město draka.

“Given that the sculpture is 6 metres tall and weighs 350 kilograms, it was not possible to find a suitable and, above all, dignified place for it in Brno’s Old Town Hall,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková. “Therefore, after the weekend, it will return to Trutnov, where it will continue to be the main symbol of the Trutnov Dragon Festival. In addition, representatives of the association will take away a commemorative bell from our city, which will be rung during the traditional raising of the dragon to the tower of the Old Town Hall in Trutnov.” 

As a joint reminder of the Trutnov and Brno celebrations, a commemorative plaque was created, which will be placed in the passage of the Old Town Hall in Brno, not far from the Brno dragon, and ceremonially unveiled on Saturday at 4 pm.

The complete program of the event, which is free to enter, can be found on the website

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