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Three of the Best Wine Bars in Brno

Like many people, I really enjoy a nice glass of wine, and the discovery of Moravian wine when I moved to Brno was something of a revelation to me. I’d never even heard of the Czech Republic as a wine producer before moving here. Of course, I knew of Europe’s big-hitter wine producers, but in my head the Czech Republic was too far north to be able to produce any decent wine. Safe to say, I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The following wine bars are some of my favourites in the city, not just for the delicious wine, but also for the atmosphere, service, uniqueness, and price. So, let’s get into it!

3) Vinotéka U Tří knížat

In the centre of the city, tucked away on Jánská, in the U Tří knížat building, you’ll find this gorgeous little wine cellar. The classic interior consists of arched stone walls, a tiled floor and simple wooden tables and chairs. While the décor may not sound the cosiest, combine it with warm coloured lighting and it perfectly sets the mood for an intimate glass of wine on a weekday evening. In the summer, they have a small number of tables in the courtyard where you can enjoy the sunshine while sipping on a chilled glass of Riesling.

Credit: Natasha Price

Being a traditional Vinotéka, you don’t have to sit in to enjoy the wine on offer. You can buy a bottle of one of the numerous wines on offer to take away with you, or you can get one of the fresh cask wines that are available. As always, you can bring your own bottle for the cask wines, or the bar can provide you with one for a small fee. I’ve bought my fair share of cask wines from this place, and they’ve always been delicious and very reasonably priced. Even the bottles of wine cater to all budgets – I’ve bought a cheap 120 crown bottle for myself there before, as well as a 450 crown bottle as a gift for a friend. 

But décor and price only go so far. The thing that really makes a wine bar for me are the staff. Now I am in no way a wine connoisseur and therefore I like to chat to the staff so they can recommend a wine best suited to my tastes. I have always found the staff here to be really knowledgeable and helpful. Once I was looking to buy two litres of wine for a party I was attending, and the lovely woman behind the counter immediately recommended two different cask wines: either a light, fruity, very easy to drink, semi-dry Rulandské bílé, or a slightly more full-bodied, peppery, dry Veltlínské zelené. She recommended the Veltlínské zelené if it was a more sophisticated affair, or for more of a dance party, to go with the Rulandské bílé. She gave me 1dl of each to try before deciding. Not only was her English great, but her knowledge of the different cask wines and her service was excellent, bringing this lovely little place in at third on my list. 

Credit: Natasha Price

2) Kaple

I love this place. I think it’s so unique to the city and has such cool vibes, I’d go here every day if I could. Kaple is on Vrchlického sad, just off Lužánky. It’s an underground wine bar with a penchant for Jazz and easy-listening vinyl music, which always sets a relaxed mood for you to just sit with a glass, enjoying the atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, we must talk about the décor. I love the simple yet artistic style that the owner has created here. The ceiling consists of hundreds of upside-down wine coolers, and the industrial concrete floor has been painted to resemble spilt wine. Paint also splashes up the brick walls, and the pièce de résistance is the huge, illuminated cross behind the bar, referring to the bar’s name, which means “chapel”. The effect makes you feel that this isn’t just a wine bar, but a place for people who worship wine!

Credit: Natasha Price

One of the things they do here, which I think is a brilliant idea, is to pair your wine to your mood or the day you’re having. There isn’t any cask wine here, so the staff will usually pull a few bottles from the storage room to give you a good selection to choose from. But when you first approach the bar, they’ll ask what sort of mood you’re in or how your day is going, and recommend a wine based on your answer. Had a proper chill day in the sunshine? Try the crisp, fruity sauvignon blanc! The rain making you feel a bit moody? Have a deep, oaky, balanced Frankovka. 

Kaple specialises in natural and additive free wines, seeking out the best wine makers from around the Czech Republic, not only as suppliers, but also to come to the bar and talk about it. Quite often you’ll find vineyard owners coming here for a tasting event to explain their crafting process, or even to serve you behind the bar themselves! Who better to give you information about the wine you’re drinking or recommend the perfect grape for your mood than the people who actually make it?

The only reason this place isn’t in the #1 spot is because it is a bit more expensive than your usual Vinotéka, but in all honesty, I think it’s well worth the extra few koruna.

1) Protože Můžu

You can find Protože můžu on Starobrněnská, between Šilingrovo náměstí and Zelný trh. For me, it’s the perfect mix of a classic wine cellar with a modern twist and, of course, a large selection of delicious wines. The interior is all bare brick walls and vaulted ceilings, but the chairs are comfy and upholstered, there are taper candles on each table, and table runners to add a slight air of sophistication. If you go down into the storage cellars, you’ll find a room or two decked out with squishy sofas and mood lighting. This is where they host their occasional wine tasting nights, and it can also be hired out for your own tasting events. 

Credit: Natasha Price

On top of delicious wine, you can also get some tasty food here, including both savoury and sweet pancakes, various pastries, hams, cheeses and even fondue! I’ve enjoyed a few evenings with the girls here, sampling the different wines and munching our way through charcuterie boards. They also offer Picnic Baskets to take with you. With Špilberk just round the corner, it’s the perfect place to pick up some food and a bottle of wine before heading for an afternoon out in the sunshine. 

In terms of the drinks on offer, they have a huge range of bottled wines, both Czech and international, served either by the glass or the bottle, as well as a number of cask wines. For those who are on a night out with non-wine lovers, Protože můžu offers a multitude of cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, and beers, all of which are reasonably priced – 129 crowns for a Pina Colada or 59 crowns for a Heineken is pretty common in Brno nowadays.  

So, if you’re in the centre of town and fancy some drinks, I would definitely recommend heading over to Protože můžu!

Credit: Natasha Price
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