Father-Son Double Exhibition Presents Photography In The Heart of South Moravian Wine Region

Credit: Jiří and Jakub Slavík

Brno, 14 Nov (BD) – Jiří and Jakub Slavík will present the vernissage of their latest photography exhibition, “Earth Wanderer”, at the Municipal Library in Velké Pavlovice, a small town in South Moravia well known for its good wine. The father and son exhibition will begin this Thursday, 16 November, at 5pm.

“We had this expo last year already,” explained Jakub. “However, this time it’s happening in a different town –the sunniest place in the Czech Republic– and we also updated it, meaning we kept some but incorporated new pictures.”  

Jiří and Jakub Slavík will have two different collections of photographs on display. While Jiří Slavík’s work reflects the experience of an older adult with a more structured and aligned style of black and white portraits and shots of people in general, Jakub’s could be described as rather experimental, as his pictures engage with natural motifs that play with movement and light, seeking his own aesthetic.

The vernissage on Thursday is open to the public, with live music and drinks. The exhibition is free of charge and will be open at the library from Tuesday- Friday 1pm to 7pm until Christmas at least, although it may remain in operation until the end of the year.

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