Review: Schrott – More Than Just a Pub!

Schrott (Křenová 291) is a pub, a brewery, an art gallery, and a meeting place. Brno Daily’s Natasha Price was there to soak up the atmosphere. Credit: Schrott.

As you step into Schrott, you can’t help but feel like you’ve entered another world. The unassuming doorway is easily missed if you’re just walking down the street, and gives absolutely no hints about what awaits you inside. You can find this ex-factory turned industrial pub at Křenová 291, just the other side of the tracks from the main train station. Despite the entrance being rather subdued, you will feel that this place practically hums with creativity and camaraderie. 

Let’s talk first about how they’ve made the space work perfectly for the community’s needs. Three distinct areas have been carved out from the industrial bones of the place, each with its own vibe. The main bar area feels like a mash-up between the factory floor and a laid-back underground music venue, complete with a small stage that looks like it could host a pretty decent gig or two. They’ve hosted DJs a few times in the past and you can definitely see how that set up would work. 

Schrott’s missable entrance gives few clues to what awaits you inside. Credit: Natasha Price.

The main bar area opens up into a large, airy space where a load of local artwork is displayed. Who doesn’t love a bit of culture with their keg?  With plenty of tables and chairs around, you can easily turn an otherwise standard night out into a more cultured pub crawl. I personally love art, especially underground local artists, so the idea of browsing and discussing some imaginative pieces while enjoying a good bev is my idea of heaven.

Finally, there’s the outside courtyard. This little oasis is the perfect spot for the few remaining summer nights we have left. Surrounded by plants and greenery, you wouldn’t think you were sitting in the middle of a built-up business area. With plenty of tables scattered around, it’s an ideal spot for a relaxed pint or two as well as a smoke.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show: the beer. Schrott boasts its own brewery, the Schrott Brewing Co., which produces a delightful variety of brews. Their mainstay is the Pils Ležák 11°, a genuinely refreshing drink to cool you down if it’s a bit warm. If you don’t know what to get, or just want to start the night with something a bit more familiar, this is the drink of choice. 

But if you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend the Serial Killer Bloody IPA 12°. It’s a special for the next few months and a collaboration between Schrott and Pivovar Thrills Brewing Co. It is dangerously delicious and is definitely the kind of drink that sneaks up on you. It lures you in with its smooth, slightly fruity taste before leaving you wondering how you went from sober to “I love you you guys!“ in just a few pints.

“An ideal spot for a relaxed pint or two as well as a smoke”. Schrott’s green and pleasant garden. Credit: Schrott.

On top of that, the atmosphere at Schrott is something special. It’s got that laid-back vibe that makes you feel like within one or two visits, everyone will know your name and you’ll be best buds with the bar staff. You’ll find an eclectic mix of customers, from artists discussing their latest projects to office workers unwinding after a long day. There’s a strong sense of community here, which is rare to find and something to be appreciated.

Schrott is more than just a pub – It’s a testament to the power of a few good pints and some daring dreams, especially if you add in the great atmosphere. In my opinion, it’s an outlier in Brno’s bar scene and offers something you won’t find in many other places in the city. It’s probably one of my top spots for a cheeky pint or two after work. So, whether you decide to visit for the art, the beer, or just to soak up the ambiance, you’re in for a good time!

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