5th Minska Open Street Party Arrives In Žabovřesky On 23 June

The event will take place from 5pm until 2am on 23 June. Photo credit: zabovresky.cz.

Brno, 6 June (BD) – On Friday 23 June, Horova/Minská, the main road in Brno-Žabovřesky, will be closed to traffic over a 1.5 kilometre stretch, to be transformed for a few hours into a place of entertainment, revelry, and food and drink from local companies in the Žabovřesky district. 

The closure will begin shortly before 5pm, and the celebrations will continue until 2am on Saturday morning. This year, the scope of the street party will expand to include the FC Svratka football field. The event is being organised by the city district’s Rubin Social and Cultural Center.

“The last Minska Open street party took place in 2019,” said the mayor of Brno-Žabovřesky, Filip Leder (KDU-ČSL). “After that came the Covid pandemic and the second stage of construction of the Outer City Ring Road on Žabovřeská, due to which it was not possible to obtain the necessary permits or implement traffic restrictions in the area to the extent required for this format of the event. In short, we all had to wait a bit. So we are looking forward to this year’s event all the more. After all, the last one attracted over 30,000 visitors.” 

The outdoor event is free for visitors and is fully organised by the city district itself, both organizationally and programmatically. It takes place with the participation of local entrepreneurs who have shops in Minská/Horova and companies with headquarters in Žabovřesky, offering a local mix of tastes, aromas and drinks. This local affiliation is one of the permanent conditions for selling products at Minská Open.

According to Leder, there will be programs of entertainment for both children and adults at three locations. The main stage, and the centre of festivities, will be the area near the district hall on Horova. A second stage will be on the football field of FC Svratka, and a third will be near the chapel on Burianovo namesti, with entertainment provided by Hitrádio City Brno, the general partner of the event.

Further information for visitors, residents and sellers is available on the city district website.

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