Four Charged In Brno In Connection With Fraud Ring Targeting The Elderly

A fraud ring promised senior citizens they could increase the value of their savings through investments. Under the pretext of assistance and advice, the ring stole more than CZK 234 million. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, April 25 (BD) – Agents of the National Center Against Organized Crime arrested eight suspects from the Brno region who were operating as the company RAMFIN – formerly known as Senior Safe. Four of them have been charged with the crime of fraud.

The South Moravian Region has never cooperated with Senior Safe, but has repeatedly warned against its practices in recent years. “Taking advantage of the gullibility, lack of knowledge of the law and often the loneliness of seniors and the elderly deserves not only contempt, but also adequate punishment. Both the region and society in general must do everything in their power to ensure greater security for the elderly,” said Jana Leitnerová, South Moravian Regional Councillor for social and family policy.

The South Moravian Region offers a “Senior Pass” for the elderly. Over 170,000 South Moravian citizens currently hold the free discount card for people over 55 years of age, which can be used for various purchases or services. In addition to the discount system, a free advice line is also available.

They can also access the counselling centers at “Senior Points”, contact points in district towns where trained advisers provide them with socio-legal and consumer counselling, information on safety, prevention and social issues, as well as a range of leisure activities. These services are free of charge.

The region also supports a number of other projects aimed at ensuring the safety of the elderly. The project “Satisfied Seniors – Active Seniors of the 21st Century” has also received individual grants. A senior ICE card envelope is designed for emergencies, which emergency services can find in a visible place, such as on the refrigerator door or the inside of the front door, when health or life is threatened.

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